Friday, April 14, 2006

9 to 5

One of the reasons I love my job is ad campaign photoshoots. Bright and early this morning I showed up at Miauhaus studio somewhere in the sprawling mess that is L.A.

The photographer and his assistants were busily setting up.

There were the requisite agency people working on macs.

The stylist and I worked together to pick an outfit for the first model and then White, our makeup artist, got her ready for the shot

The photographer, Nick, was really really cool. The night before at the pre-production meeting he got all fired up about photography and film and what an amazing time it is to be an artist. I think everyone else in the meeting was a little bit "whatever", but I was completely inspired. I've worked with several photographers on other shoots but working with Nick was a unique experience. He worked incredibly well with the models and got great work out of them. He also just had a very fresh eye which was EXACTLY what we were looking for at this shoot. I feel like we totally lucked out to get him.

We made the first model run around and around and around.

And then we stood around admiring how hot she looked and how great Nick's work is

Truth be told there is actually alot of that standing around at a photoshoot

Which is why we were goofing around with the Photobooth on the iMac in the corner of the studio

Our second model came in and Nick gave her a little coaching on her kickboxing

which is harder than it looks

so Arturro stepped in to help

Probably the best thing about models is that they are like lifesize Barbie dolls. So when we got tired of the blue, we put Carmella in a new outfit

Our third model came in to do the stretching execution. I was obsessed with the program the guys were using to capture the images. It's great to see that you got all the shots you wanted almost immediately. It means I'm relaxing tonight knowing the campaign will rock, instead of wondering what we ended up with and worrying about it for a week.

My favorite part of the day was when we thought we were pretty much done but Nick decided to have Saskia do a little bit of kickboxing. And she pretty much nailed it.

Yeah, there are worse things a person could get paid to do.


gretel said...


Rod Clifford said...

Looks like a lot of kids running around playing and getting paid pretty well to do it. To which I say - Great, kid! Keep it up. Between your "job", the trip to St. George and your friends from San Francisco, life appears to be going well for you. I'm glad (and a bit of a proud Dad, if I'm allowed).

k8 said...

totally allowed dad. after all, i learned it by watching you.

bets said...

oh crap...this is the best post/comments section ever.

you're inspiring ms. clifford.

k8 said...

oh betsy, whatever i didn't learn from my dad i learned by watching YOU!