Monday, April 03, 2006


This weekend I braved about seven hours of this

to get me to this place in St. George to spend the weekend at my grandparents with various siblings and friends.

I got there around 11:30 from California but the Salt Lake crowd didn't get there until about midnight. Emily looked adorable as always. Even though we were all super tired, we stayed up talking until after 2:30.

This is the view we woke up to on Friday morning. So. Freaking. Amazing.

My grandma goes to yoga at the senior citizens center on friday mornings so Tasha and Emily and I went with her. The best thing I have every seen is a room full of old women doing yoga. Since we were good girls and worked out we went over to The Bear Paw and stuffed ourselves with all manner of pancakes and french toast.

After breakfast, Tasha's grandma Bev came over from Mesquite to visit and see the house. We ended up sitting in a McDonald's in town drinking Dr. Pepper and laughing away the afternoon. We rushed back to give her a tour of the house and get ready for a concert at Dixie later that night.

I call this photo "Sea of Old".

I think this photo gives you an idea of what you missed because you weren't at this show.

My grandma's friends thought we were adorable, we thought they were hilarious. It was a good mix.

I took style lessons from Emily and Tasha all weekend.

Afterwards we went out for ice cream at The Blue Bunny. Yum. And then yet another night of staying up too late.

We got up late the next morning and Grandma had breakfast waiting when we straggled out of our rooms. We had big plans to go for a run and do some shopping but then we all started telling stories

And watching home movies (awww, emily has not changed a bit.)

I realize I'm almost 30 years old but I think I could sit like this with my grandpa all day.

We finally took showers and Grandpa took us for rides in this!

Seriously, how cute are these girls?

Tasha and I hopped in the back seat and we all headed off to Cafe Rio to get takeout for Sunday dinner the next day. I know it's the trendiest place in Utah but seriously, those burritos are the greatest things on earth.

Do grandfather's come any better than this one? I submit that they do not.

After we took the food home, we got a little tour of the development where my grandparents live. Emily took advantage of some good photo ops.

Everytime we go to St. George we go to the Pizza Factory in town. My Aunt Barb and her boyfriend Greg, my cousin Lexie and our friends Mike and Jen met up with us there for pizza

and breadsticks

Nice headband Mike.

Afterwards we stopped by Artic Circle to see our other cousin Will. He didn't recognize any of us when we walked in but it was pretty cute when he realized we were all there for him.

We headed back to the house for more staying up way too late talking.

Mike and I did a little dirty dancing

Sunday morning Christopher and Emily's friend Marc showed up after driving all night

Aunt Barb brought Lexie and Will over and we had another marathon breakfast.

Then Tasha and Christopher and I went out for a run.

And Emily and Marc went for a ride on his tandem bike.

Lexie and I tried out the bike a little later.

We were having so much fun that none of us wanted to leave. Ever. It was 10:00 before they finally managed to get us to get rid of us.

I love these people beyond all reason.


Sara Jane Baldwin said...

awesome awesome awesome!

mimi said...

great pics, great people, you must have had a blast.

gretel said...

katie this looks like so much fun!! very stylish ya'll. :)

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