Friday, April 28, 2006

I Love That Dirty Water

One fun thing about a job that makes you travel all the time is that sometimes you get to mix two days of work with two days of visiting your friends in Boston.
I knew the trip was off to a good start when the car rental guy decided to upgrade me to a convertible.

First on the agenda was dinner at Blue Fin

Whitney and Lane couldn't believe how much sushi we were going to eat

After dinner we really needed a treat. So you know what's coming next right?

Yup. Ice cream

Amy and Whitney REALLY like ice cream

Corey enjoyed a dark tasty beverage instead. I had to work early in the morning so I headed back to the hotel. The next day I taught a tech clinic to the employees of a new women's athletic store called Paiva. Then it was back to the hotel to do my office work. Then I met up with Corey in Harvard Square for lunch at a new place called B Good. They claim to have healthy fries and hamburgers and I'm not really going to argue.

Then I decided to go visit a store I really miss

After I shopped I drove around the city a little bit and remembered what a beautiful place Boston is in the spring

and how much I love watching rowers on the Charles

I went back to my hotel and did some work and then got ready for the Opening Night reception at Paiva. The store was absolutely beautiful and our shoes looked awesome on the wall

And the staff decided to wear our shoes for the reception.

After the reception it was back to Cambridge for Matt's 28th birthday

The cake not only turned our tongues blue

but it turned everyone just a little bit silly

and later, really really goofy

My flight was at 6:40 this morning so I said goodbye and made a quick stop at Corey's to say goodbye. And got to meet Melanie's new fish.

That 6:40 flight was probably the worst idea of the last two days but hey, it's barely noon and I'm already home. And off to take a nap!

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Kelly said...

Yum, Blue Fin! I'm going to Boston this weekend and I've got my camera ready to go.