Monday, April 04, 2011

Something I Can Dance To

After a few years of going to every show that came to town and then a few years of being a little burned out on crowded venues and being tired at work the next day, I decided to focus on quality not quantity and see what happened. Being a little more selective has turned out to mean I'm enjoying live music more than ever. Just in the last three months I've been five feet away from Langhorne Slim and the Old 97's, gotten the chills from Gregory Alan Isakov, fallen deeply in love with Devotchka, been surprised and delighted by El Bronx Mariachi, gotten a contact high at George Clinton, and enjoyed an unplugged evening of song and Q&A with David Bazan that continued into my friend Heather's kitchen.

So Saturday afternoon when my friend Al called to say he'd found us tickets to the sold out Ellie Goulding/The Knocks show we'd been sad to miss. I was just back from a pretty great bike ride so I jumped in the shower, listened to the afternoon session of conference and then headed up to Denver to pick up Al and get to Boulder.

I fell for Ellie Goulding last October when my sister Elizabeth played her cover of "Sleepyhead" for me. When I met Al a few weeks later, we bonded over her and he introduced me to a whole bunch of artists who were using her on mixes and samples. He put a song by The Knocks on a CD for me and well, that was love at first listen. I posted Dancing with the DJ back in February and it's rarely left my playlist in the last couple of months. So needless to say, I was pretty excited about the show. And any excuse to go to Boulder is one I'll take. It's got it's quirks but it has such a fun, healthy, interesting vibe to it I love to go there.

The Fox Theater is pretty small so even a sold out crowd wasn't overwhelming. The Knocks came out and the first thing they said was "we just want to have a dance party here if that's cool with you guys?" Which is pretty much what I wish everyone would say to me every single day. And then they launched into this

and dance we did. Honestly, what's a better theme song for me than a song called "Something I Can Dance To"?

And then my technology loving heart loved getting this Twitter message later

theknockz That ruled RT @replikate: @theknockz pretty much destroying at The Fox

Ellie was fantastic too, the audience was probably 75% female-she writes songs with titles like "This Love Will Be Your Downfall" and "Your Biggest Mistake", I guess it's not hard to see why. Here is one of my favorites

I saw a quote by Aldous Huxley recently that said, "after silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music."

Amen dude.

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CoCo said...

Does your friend have any connections for tickets at the Casbah this Saturday?!