Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Several years ago I got a pretty fabulous opportunity to sit in a room with our little staff at RYKA and explain to Kelly Ripa why she should sign on as our spokeswoman. I think we were all just a little bit stunned when she heard us out and then said, "I'm in!". It still ranks as one of my all time favorite professional wins. I only stuck around a few months after Kelly's contract was finished up but had several chances to interact with her and found her to be 100% delightful.

RYKA took up a good portion of my 20's and I sure learned a lot there. I got to work with some super talented women over those years who were constantly pushing our parent company to invest in what they knew to be a little brand with a ton of potential. I watched a lot of those women then give up in frustration when that pushing didn't amount to much. So I was pretty surprised and delighted when I found out that THIS happened! A real live commercial! And a really cute one at that! It may be a few years later than I was hoping but I'm pretty thrilled to have laid the foundation for what I hope is a new life for a brand that sure means a lot to me.


Christy Cropper Photography said...

You deserve to brag.
Love the comm. Adorable.

Garrett said...
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