Monday, April 18, 2011


The Knocks show got cancelled, I left my wallet in Los Angeles and my flight got super delayed last night.

And yet somehow, the weekend was a complete success. It is becoming increasingly clear that the life for which I would be most suited is hippie commune. All I really want to do is live in a beautiful place with all the people I love where we can eat good food and do fitness and talk until our jaws grow weary. It was a bummer not to see the show but since I DID see manage to squeeze in just over a dozen faces I adore in 48 hours all while eating at some of my favorite places, shopping at some of my favorite places and doing this basically all day saturday, a lost wallet and a cancelled show are simply no. big. deal.

All these family/friend weekends the last few months have got me thinking even more than I normally do about the idea of connection. Complain all you want about how social networking and the way technology changes the way we interact with each other-the more I connect with people online the more driven I feel to interact with them in person. Facebook is never going to be better than sitting at Rubio's for four hours debating the pros and cons of singles conferences with my smart and funny friends. But if it keeps me connected to those people in the times in between when we all have to be adults and go to our jobs and not live together in that giant hippie house, I say, implant that iPhone right into my brain.

Speaking of FB, my friend Danielle posted this TED Talk last week and it made me sob my way through the ironing of my duvet cover (yes, I iron my duvet covers. I've become my grandmother). It's about connection, and remaining vulnerable even in the face of disappointment or heartache. I could have listened to her speak for another ten hours on the subject but this is nice and to the point and was on my mind while I was enjoying every one of my 2,880 minutes in California.

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