Monday, April 18, 2011


I really like to observe people who love what they do. And I don't think I know anyone who loves being a mom more than my friend Jane. I went to college with Jane and her husband Dusty and then lost track of them for years until Facebook reconnected us. I started reading her blog and quickly fell in love with their family. One late night last spring Jane was kind enough to answer a somewhat nosy question I asked and explained to me about the dreams she had as a little girl of the family she would one day get to make. I will confess that I get a little bit exhausted by the mommy blogs out there with their endless "isn't our life perfect??" entries, but I keep coming back to Jane's because at the core of every post-she is a connection creator. She takes absolutely every opportunity she can to build and strengthen connections. The woman throws one hell of a party but it's always in the name of bringing people together. It's a quality I so admire and one I wish I was better at emulating in my own life.

I've been on poor Jane's case to submit a Dear Me letter ever since I started the project and she graciously found some time in between soccer/dance/golf/tennis/carpool/school and the other demands of four active kids and a husband busy running a transcontinental business to write one. I love it. It's so Jane and so wise. I think you'll love her too.

**btw dear readers...I KNOW there are lots of you lurking out there who should be writing letters. So get on it.

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{jane} said...

you are my connector to boston deary! :)

i really loved writing this, and i kept thinking...this is awful. this is awful. i should start over next week ---- i don't know if i'd ever be comfortable or finished with advice i'd give my younger self, but it was a great self-reflection. you have a great project going here...

i just need to get my college-career groove kicked in to high gear so i can balance my life a bit more to be like yours. :) i love your quote from texting earlier this week, "kids ruin everything." ha! love it.