Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Body Count

Proof positive that there was a weird but lucky star in the sky that evening of October 14, 1976 when I slipped into this world...

*I left my wallet at LAX last Sunday night. I called Lost and Found Monday morning and someone had turned it in, all cash, cards and gift certificates intact. My friend Beckie picked it up Friday and it's on it's way back. For those keeping track at home, that is the second time in 2011 that I have lost my ID and gotten it back before I had to replace it.

*Losing my wallet meant I had no cash to get out of the parking lot at midnight at DIA when I landed. An incredibly kind woman heard me explaining my plight to the flight attendant and loaned me as much as she had in her purse. It didn't turn out to be quite enough and the parking lot attendant had to take down all my information in order to bill me. It was late, I was tired and must have left my registration in the booth. I only realized this when I got an envelope in the mail from DIA with my registration inside.

*I always keep my parking card in the same spot in my car. Wednesday it wasn't there when I came to work. I spent fifteen minutes in a skirt searching my car that morning-nowhere to be found. I went to get it replaced and the only person who can replace cards was out for two days. Digging in my purse two days later, guess what I found? Literally right before I shelled out $15 for a new one.

See? Weird stuff but it all came back to me.

Lessons learned?

*People are awesome. The wallet turner inner, my kind wallet picker upper friend, the money loaning lady who is getting a check and some Olympic swag as we speak, the folks at DIA...people are good.

*Freaking out is useless. You cancel your cards, you mourn your sparkly wallet and you move on. Nothing is unfixable. Worrying accomplishes nothing. And I have this theory that the universe can sense when you are chilling out and it will reward you. You know, with your own items that at 34, you can't seem to keep track of.

And I'm taking that $15 I didn't spend on a new parking card and going to see Damien Jurado tomorrow night.

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