Wednesday, July 01, 2009

On the Radio

I could not be more sad about the weather situation in Boston. It's been raining since May. Since May. Now please understand that we get about 12 weeks of really great warm weather in this town and now four of them have been swallowed up by Noah's Ark-like conditions. So today I quit my "just fine for running on the treadmill, no frills, at least they have towels in the locker room" gym and splurged on the "whirlpool and sauna and a million classes plus yoga studio and smoothie bar" gym because if I'm going to be forced to have Season Affective Disorder in the summer, at least there will be coconut scented soap in the showers after spin class.

A bunch of girls from the office joined too so tonight we all worked out together. I was walking out tonight and this Radiohead song came on my iPod as I walked to my car. It was a grey night and I'm tired of those but we had a good work out and it's almost a three day it felt plenty appropriate.


Whits said...

I remember my one and only June there, it poured. And I got so mad about not running outside, I just went out one day and literally flipped off the sky and started running. I cam back SOAKED but it was so much fun to tell the rain to F OFF. :D

k8 said...

oh whitney, i totally want to tell the rain to F off-maybe i will tonight!

The McFersons said...

Hey. I appreciate the "friends and family" link love but I noticed that neither of the links work. and Sorry to be petty but I'm good at it sometimes.

Enjoy the rain. All we've got here are puffy white clouds and big blue skies. ;)

The McFersons said...

PS - This may bring some good weather to your weekend. I think it's as charming of an album as I've ever heard.

Let me know when you're done. Enjoy.

"Come on youth, don't give in, like the very last bowling pin..."

Katie Elaine said...

Except memorial day weekend when I was there. I was so looking forward to rainy, cool weather. I even packed two sweaters. It was in the 90s the whole time. But I hope you get some sunshine soon!

k8 said...

shoot jayd, i got the family blog corrected but the music one won't fix! stupid blogger.

THANK YOU for the Slow Club!!! Gosh this album is super great. It'll be sunny in my ears anyhow.

katie-that was the last sunny weekend and this girl was in rainy London for it-seriously can't catch a break!