Sunday, July 05, 2009

Remember the Time

Well the skies appear to have heard the collective pleas of Bostonians anxious for a break in the rain and we woke up Friday morning to glorious sun that has yet to leave us.

Thursday night however, I drove home from work in such heavy fog my brain was having trouble processing the fact that it was indeed the July 4th weekend. We had planned to hit the drive-in that night for a Ryan Reynold's abs-athon but the rain forced us inside. My friend Natalie promised she would come up with epic plans and I'll just tell you what-this girl knows how to keep a promise. We ended up having a rice krispie treat sculpture making contest that morphed into a Michael Jackson memorial dance festival in which we danced straight through 15 of MJ's greatest hits.

Friday we did a little shopping and then spent the afternoon and evening at the Hatch Shell watching the dress rehearsal of the big fireworks show that some of you might have watched on television the next night. And about that I will just say-Neil Diamond + a crowd of Red Sox fans + Sweet Caroline live=ability to die with life mostly complete.

Saturday was lunch that lasted four hours and fireworks until the wee hours. I had my friends Linda and Chloe in town from San Francisco and New York so there was plenty of late night giggling and good eating and memory lane walking wedged into the last few days. All in all it was a pretty A+ weekend.

Another I did this weekend was remember how crappy I've been lately at finding new music to get excited about. I've been spending a lot of time on old favorites lately and haven't really been on the lookout like I used to be. But here is a band that formed right here in Boston and I'm pretty well in love with them. They make the kind of music that just makes me want to never stop dancing. They are called Passion Pit and this is their song The Reeling. I think you'll like it.

And just for good measure, here's a song I was obsessed with last summer and has jumped back into heavy rotation


CoCo said...

I love passion pit. I still maintain that sleepy head should be the clifford anthem. and i included a song on my summer mix. good choice.

Nat Attack said...

Yay for epic nights and kept promises! SUPER fun 4th weekend.