Monday, June 29, 2009


I heard on the radio today that we are now officially mid-way through 2009. I know the old "time flies" cliche gets overused but OH MY GOSH WHERE IS MY LIFE GOING???? The last three weeks disappeared in a haze of early US Open mornings, agents meetings, Wasatch Backing, family eventing, nephew snuggling, beach house napping and so. much. food.

So today I tried to pretend I forgot it was a four day week and buried myself in work, did a super hard workout that ended with a bonus spin class and will work really hard to fall into bed before 12.

I am working on a couple of posts but in the summer I feel so compelled to enjoy what little good weather we have so I tend to neglect my writing. Boo to that. If you haven't take a look at my little Letter Project, please do. Collective wisdom is powerful. And please feel free to submit a letter if you haven't yet or if AHEM, you totally OWE me one (and you all know who you are). The submissions thus far have been amazing-every single letter is a gem.

Here is a little taste of what the last few weeks have been like-and really no sign of a slow down. Hooray for summer. Hooray.


aporitic said...

Your dad looks pretty good for someone who had his face cut off.

kentandnellie said...

Those Ragnar Relays are the best. We're going to have to try the Wasatch Back next time. They cut about 30 miles out of the Los Angeles one, but hey, who's complaining? Sounds like a fun couple of weeks. Glad you're doing well!