Sunday, July 26, 2009


I had an insane marriage dream last night. I think I have mentioned before that I have fairly regular recurring dreams about getting married.

As usual, it was my wedding day and I had absolutely NO clue how I had gotten there. I'm always totally surprised that I'm getting married that day and I never like the decorations or the dress and it always feels like the whole thing was rushed. Last night the groom was a guy I've been friends with for many years but we've certainly never dated-I'll wager neither of us have even thought about it. So I was fairly surprised that we were getting married.

I pulled my mother aside to ask her if she really thought this was a good idea and she told me he was a good guy and really cute so it probably couldn't hurt. I texted a bunch of my friends with the same question and got pretty much the same response from all of them. So I went right to Mr. Fiance to see if maybe he was having any of the same misgivings about you know, GETTING MARRIED WHEN IT DIDN'T SEEM LIKE WE HAD EVEN DATED and he was super nonchalant about it. Just shrugged and said, "I think it could be cool, we might as well give it a shot." Truly what every girl wants to hear from the man she's just about to pledge her life to right?

All through the dream I kept thinking, "how did I let this happen? It's just like in all of my stupid dreams, how did it happen in real life??" and hoping that I would wake up.

I finally did wake up and I'm still feeling so relieved. I spent some time googling "marriage dreams" to see if there were any explanations of such a dream and this was pretty much my favorite:

For a young woman to dream that she is a bride, and unhappy or indifferent, foretells disappointments in love, and probably her own sickness. She should be careful of her conduct, as enemies are near her.

So there you go guys, my enemies are near. Awesome.


Megs said...

I am laughing so hard. But I don't believe the interpretation. I mean, sure, your enemies probably are near (but whose aren't?) but you have an awesome life and an awesome outlook on it and an awesome guy is going to find you. I know it.

Rhymenocerous said...

Uhm, except I can count about four people I know who've actually done that in the last six months. Well, except they "dated" for two weeks before they got engaged. Which is basically the same thing.

kentandnellie said...

Anything is possible. Nothing wrong with marrying a friend. Trust me.

aporitic said...

I wouldn't worry too much about any "enemies."

It's more likely that there is another bench warrant out for you than that you actually have anyone actively wishing you harm.

You should have a word with your Mom, though. Now that she has grandkids, it won't hurt if she dials her standards back up a bit.

Jayne said...

Oh Honey, my advice is - if he has enough money - even cute doesn't matter that much.