Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Can't Lose

I went to California over the weekend where I

*saw the beach
*ate a burrito
*shopped at Forever 21
*watched a high school swim-a-thon
*learned the meaning of "erotic rice"
*met my dear friend's fantastic wife and their little alien
*caught up with people I love
*flirted back with a 23 year old surfer
*found evidence that the sun exists
*laughed until I cried
*got some food poisoning that is still making me a little miserable

So besides the part where I threw up all night in a house that was not my own, it was a good trip and a nice thaw to my freezing cold North East soul. Reminder to me-plan that sunny drenched trip for January or February if you want to survive the next winter! Today I got really, really fantastic news though...

My show is getting two more seasons!!! I haven't bombarded you with posts this year about Friday Night Lights but that is mostly because just about everyone is watching it now so I don't have to. But if you aren't, I promise you are missing out. The third season has been spectacular.


The last Unicorn said...

Glad you had fun, besides the barfing! I am sorry I missed you. The wedding went late and I was exhausted by the time I got home. Next time I will see you for sure!

melenglund said...

Consider yourself warned:

Last episode of season 3 blows and may make you wish the show ended an episode earlier.

k8 said...

really? I thought the last episode at least opened a door to a new season. if it ended with the 12th epi it would have felt like a series ender. The last one was rough though I'll give you that.

melenglund said...

All of season 3 was about finding closure with where they are and working for change/new adventures.

Then the last episode crushed all that to keep the characters around... it was just sloppy and lazy. 2 more seasons is enough to develop new characters. Plus, in order to keep those characters interesting, they'll have to introduce story lines that will inevitably jump the shark.

I hope I'm wrong.

jane said...

omgosh, my TV life is so behind...

Aubs said...

Please explain the basics of "erotic rice"
Many thanks