Tuesday, March 03, 2009


The day after I graduated from high school I left on a trip to New York City for a week. It was, of course, mind-blowingly awesome. I mean, who goes to New York and says "meh". It simply doesn't allow you to be anything but impressed. Now over the years there are plenty of other cities I have fallen in love with and frankly, if you offered me an apartment in San Francisco or New York, I would likely pick the West. I adore New York but I think ultimately it's sort of like having a crush on an actor. My imaginary NYC life is probably much more glam then my actual existence in the city would be. So I've been pleased as can be over the years to have jobs or live in places with easy access to it. It's one of the many things I would love to say to the little 17 year old bouncing around Times Square and sort of thinking this would be her one chance to visit-don't worry kid, you are going to have loads of adventures in this place someday. And every single visit will feel just a little bit magical.

This weekend my grandparents were out on the East Coast visiting my uncle in Philly and they called to see if perhaps I could meet them the day they trekked into the city. Clearly there was not much in the way of persuading to be done and I drove down Saturday morning, spent the day with friends and then met up with them Sunday. I saw some old friends from RYKA who were in town for a convention, I ate amazingly delicious things with Catherine, talked about philosophy and chocolate with Dustin and Steven, and slept in a bright loft in Brooklyn with a fluffy cat keeping watch. The next day I caught up with these handsome folks

Sometimes I get really homesick when I see pictures of my siblings going up to Logan to hang out with my grandparents. They are so lucky to have that kind of easy access. However, I did get to show them Central Park and the WTC site so..

As you can see, goofiness is hereditary.

As is Diet Coke appreciation

Boys take note, this lovely grandmother of mine is almost 80. I have her DNA.

I drove home just in time to miss all the crappy snow that dumped on the East Coast last night, feeling very spoiled in the family/friend/life in general department. It was a good weekend.


Jayne said...

I feel that you were missing that all important generation in the middle. Me. Oh, I know you had Tim and he's technically my generation. But I would have done nearly anything to spend that day with you all. Mom and Daddy had a great time, thank you for making the trip.

West said...

ooh i am jealous...for so many reasons ;)

RO said...

Wait... you and I both went to NYC on our senior trip? How is it that I missed that? Ahhh, I was with the Art people and you were with the Drama people. And probably we weren't speaking then either. LOL

k8 said...

seriously? i don't even remember you being there!!!! weird!