Monday, March 09, 2009

Sharing Time

I was gchatting with a friend of mine tonight who is in design school right now. We were talking about how sometimes jobs/school/life can drain the creativity right out of a person. Which is especially frustrating to people who work in a creative field. He sent me a link to a talk about creativity in the education system. It's a great talk and frankly, a great website with talks about everything from design to business to technology by really smart, interesting, insightful folks. I l sort of wish I could have dinner parties every night with five or six of these folks at a time. So check it out, but don't surprised if you end up wondering where a few hours went...



Linda said...

Brilliant, what a great talk. I totally agree that 'modern' education stifles creativity.

Katie said...

I love ted.

I watch the new talk everyday. I feel each one reignites my passion for what I do, so it's a well spent 20 minutes.