Tuesday, November 25, 2008


This weekend Emily and I made a trek to H&M so she could buy pants for all those poor kids in Salt Lake without a giant Swedish fashion house on every corner. I was picking out some tights when I got a text from my brother Sterling.

A picture text.

Of an ultrasound.

I ran over to Emily who already knew and promptly started to cry while I called the proud soon-to-be parents. So yeah, we were the family with no babies for a long long time and now Morgan is getting a cousin his very own age. Turns out all my fears about whether the second would be as exciting as the first were unfounded.

Sterling and Megan are totally dope. This is one lucky little kiddo.


becky said...

just wait til their little voices say your name. your life will never be the same.

congrats auntie!

Anne said...

Congrats! Being an aunt is the BEST isn't it?!

Senja said...

congrats! :)
this is totally the year of the babies and pregnancies.

CoCo said...

Yay Sterling and Megan! Cliffords really should be more prolific. :)

April said...


RO said...

woot woot! more Clifford babies! Don't worry... they'll keep coming... raining upon you. In my family, we had four in one month this year, ya know. LIKE RABBITS!