Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I am having dinner tonight with a friend who was so dead set against having kids that last month when she asked me to guess who was pregnant I threw out 10 celeb names before she finally said all exasperated "it's me!!". And although I completely respect those couples who decide children aren't for them, my heart skipped a beat for them and for the world. They are just the kind of delightful people who really ought to reproduce. I'm so excited to see how her belly has grown in a month!

Yesterday my sister-in-law sent me a text photo of Morgan. I do realize that I am biased and I don't know for sure if he's the cutest kid ever born but I sure do love him more then I realized I was going to. I mean, I love plenty of people and the way I feel about members of my family is kind of bordering on ridiculous. But I am constantly surprised at how often I'm thinking about Morgan, or craving photos of him, or buying him stuff or just flat out missing him. All those years I kind of rolled my eyes at the baby hungry girls around me going on and on about their nieces and nephews-I just didn't know. I am constantly wondering what his voice is going to sound like and what food will be his favorite and what kind of music we'll teach him to enjoy. And when I think about anyone every hurting his feelings or him being disappointed, well I guess it's just a good thing I'm working through some of my serious meddling mother tendencies now.

Kids are rad, I'm glad people are having them. I'm off to see what I can eat in front of pregnant Angela to make her really jealous (bring me tuna! bring me feta!!)


Crystalbell said...

Don't forget sushi!!!

ellen said...

Wait until your nephew says your name; you'll want to give him the world!

Jamie said...

Welcome to the gushing auntie club.

Katie said...

My little perfect almost 2 year old niece called me from St. Louis yesterday and said (clear as a bell), "Hi Katie"

It was so awesome I got a little choked up.

April said...

First, I must admit that Morgan really is one of the cutest babies ever. Second, welcome to the auntie club! I didn't think I could love someone else's baby so much until my nephew arrived. And now I have another one coming in a month!