Sunday, November 16, 2008


I have been really spoiled with good visitors since I moved here. My friend Rudy was in town for work last week and into the weekend. He had all his evenings free so we got to hang out quite a bit. We had lots of interesting conversations about politics and religion and relationships while trying good restaurants, seeing James Bond, shopping and hitting up a show last night. We had a lot of fun. One highlight for me is that Rudy is a serious internet sleuth and he managed to find and download all seven episodes of the Friday Night Lights season currently airing only on DirecTV. I had only seen the first two episodes at a friend's house before I decided that imposing on people who didn't watch the show was going to get old.

I have said this before and I will say it again-this is one of the greatest television shows of ever. It got a little off track last season in it's quest to get more viewers and the first episode of this season felt a little uneven as well. I was worried. But I've spent the last two days laughing and crying and feeling like I was at a family reunion. High drama is gone and we just have our quiet little Dillon, Texas back.

Winter is coming and if you are looking for something to do with your long, chilly evenings, go to Target or put Season One of FNL in your Netflix cue and catch up. This DirecTV season will be on NBC in February and it's well written, beautifully shot and the acting is stellar. It's totally worth getting hooked.

The music on the show is always so great too, one of my favorite finds from these last few episodes is this one by Scott Matthews.


Nat Attack said...

So I rarely cry at TV/Movies, but I was tearing up as the phone rang on what I knew was Smash's last episode. I leaked full tears during that whole last 3 minutes. WHAT a storyline they did with that kid over 3 seasons. Ahhhhhhhhh.

Now that I'm caught up on Season 3, I'm living under a cloud of doom for it to get canceled. HOW could they cancel the best nuanced acting on television?

k8 said...

oh my gosh, when he shows up on Coach Taylor's doorstep? I was a mess.

but you know who is breaking my heart this season-little matty saracen. More grown up and confident then he was as a sophomore but still so achingly vulnerable.

and i'm so thrilled to see so much Coach and Tami interaction. The scene in the bar when he says he needs a scotch flavored drink? i love them so much.

Whits said...

I almost cried during the smash scene. Mike was right beside me so I was trying to hold strong. But it was so good! I just love coach taylor.

Rookie Dad said...

K8, I've been watching this season since I have DirecTV . . . but did you say that the upcoming season on NBC is going to be this same season? To borrow a phrase from your post, what the eff? I thought we were going to get another season.

Hey, JD McCoy is the real deal. He really can run the spread offense.