Monday, November 10, 2008

Do you realize

Last weekend I was looking for some good sweaters to get my wardrobe ready for the long dark winter. There happened to be an American Eagle on the street so I popped in thinking they usually have cute winter things and that's when it happened. I realized that I am too old for American Eagle. And not in a "oh sad! I'm not cool enough anymore" kind of way but in a "ugh, I hate this place and I would rather have one nice piece from J. Crew then four from here" kind of way. And in a year when I'm feeling my age way more then I want to, it's kind of nice to have those moments where I feel like the good kind of adult.

(Thankfully I'm also the kind who rushed home from the gym to watch Gossip Girl so there's that too.)


Whits said...

I totally had that ah-ha moment too about a year or two ago. I know what you mean about being happy about growing up. There are some things I still loathe though.

Senja said...

I hear you!
I gave away so many clothes because it's just not me anymore.
But not only my outfit style is changing, also my furniture style is. It is weird but very good.
And I still love to watch The Hills, Gossip Girl and also 90210.. Yep.

Mike said...
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Mike said...

There needs to be "more of you" watching GGirl on CW. In fact there needs to be more of anyone watching anything on the CW...its end is near.

Changing gears, I walk into an AE, quickly do a 180 (as the sales staff looks at my bald head) and head for an Eddie Bauer.

Coulio said...

How true and how I love you for telling it like it is.

jane said...

totally agree. especially from a mom of 4 perspective. Not good to have the same clothes as my pre-teeener.

also, I want to win Kate's hand-picked christmas album!!!

me, me, me!!!

k8 said...

jane! i think we just commented on each other's blogs at exactly the same time. spoooky.