Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Near Miss

I almost quit my job on the spot during a meeting yesterday. I had to make myself count to ten and walk my brain through the havoc it would wreak in my life if I really did it. I'm working on patience right now but it's a really really hard thing to learn.

More on this later.


chloe elizabeth said...

Good job on the counting to ten. So not an easy thing to do. Are you looking for a new one...just in case?

MissEm said...

Been there. I'm so hot blooded when it comes to work sometimes. Looking back on those moments, I'm glad I didn't quit.

kimberly said...

gadzooks. that is pretty hard core. i hope things start looking better. we can talk more about this on sunday! hang in there.

i am not sure this fits, but i keep thinking it..."the more we feel without acting, the less we are able to act and in the long run the less we are able to feel"
c.s. lewis

ThomCarter.com said...

I have lived this myself!

That is why I came up with the ThomCarter Rules to live by.

I hope that thing are okay.

tom said...

well you better not quit, because then what will i do? probably receive some new balance or nikes in the mail one of these days. ahhh!

k8 said...

well fortunately in my rational moments i have no intention of quitting right now. after five years, two cross country moves and enough frequent flyer miles to go to the moon, I'll be DAMNED if I'm going to exit when we are teetering on the brink of finally being noticed....i'm glad i settled down and didn't do anything rash.
but kimberly, your quote does give me something to think about...

Katie said...

Once I had to go walk around the building I was so mad at work.

Took every fiber of my being to come back into the building.

Good luck.

Pam said...

You'd better not just up and leave me... and I guess Greg would be upset too... bored of THAT.

I heart you being right down the way from us. And well... I just heart you.

chloe elizabeth said...

I love that C.S. Lewis quote. I heart C.S. Lewis.

And it would be sad to leave right before you guys get noticed (although when I wore the shoes you sent me to a work thing, three women commented on how much they heart your company).
I left my job (for that damn boy) right before things started to go wild. As I'm filling out applications...I keep thinking, "Why did I leave? I would have so much more to write."

Oh well. Life happens.