Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Come Pick Me Up

Last night a bunch of people I love went to see Ryan Adams at Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake.

If you asked me to describe an ideal summer night, it very might well be those folks, at that place, listening to that guy. I was planning to be there but work was too crazy. My friend Sara is getting married tomorrow in HB. The reception will be fun and full of lots of people I love and don't get to see. But I'm in New York, totally freaking out over a big big meeting tomorrow so I will miss it.

I hope that if I am ever at home with a few screaming children and my signifigant other has to miss some important thing because of his job, I will remember that sometimes what you really want to be doing and what you really have to be doing are at odds and there is legitimately nothing you can do about it. Your priorities can be in exactly the right place and you still have to make a crappy choice that makes them look out of whack. I hope I remember the way I feel right now-it is a pretty cool day for my career tomorrow and I'm so excited and nervous but I do wish it didn't mean missing important personal experiences. I hope I don't forget that while my job is fun and rewarding, I still like my real life better. But that sometimes I do like to disappear into it if things are tough personally.

I hope I remember all of it because I know if someone were to question me this week about what is really important to me, I might just start to cry.


f*bomb. said...

I love you, Miss Kate.
And everyone understands.
I am sure of it.
Your friends know your heart, and they know your intentions. So enjoy where you are for what you can, and have a great time, because she'll want to share her photos and fabulous stories with someone after the honeymoon's over.

Bev said...

You're in *exactly* the spot you're supposed to be. GOOD LUCK..I KNOW you will kick butt!!

KatieGirlBlue said...

One of my favorite memories is of the night that Ryan Adams and his (then small) entourage were passing through State College en route to a show in Philly. He played a spur of the moment show at Zeno's, the bar where I worked. Few people knew who he was but he still brought the house down, and I stood 5 feet away watching him play from the stage door, thinking that I'd always remember his talent, his cool. Now, having moved on and changed and grown, I've missed so many good shows (ahem, I live in SLC, and I didn't make it to Red Butte to see him), but it's worth it - of course it is - because without the perspective of time and the ache of making hard decisions, we can't remember the good times as clearly; they lose their pivotal status.

Awesome blog.

Seymour Glass said...

saw ryan & the cardinals a couple weeks ago in LA and they were great. but here's something to take comfort in, now that he's sober it's highly unlikely he'll die soon so you'll many other opportunities to see him. it won't be like the time i didn't change my flight home from london so i could stay and see Joe Strummer and then he goes and dies 3 months later suddenly and tragically. that's something i'm never forgiving myself for. said...

I am the only one of my friends that lives on the other side of the country (Jersey) - thus I miss a lot of important stuff.

I hate it. Good luck with your meeting, but I am glad that you know that there are too many things in this world that are more important that work

chloe elizabeth said...

You really are amazing! And you know where your priorities are and what has to be done, so don't stress it.

Ems said...

For what it's worth, he only played for an hour and half (thanks Ryan Adams!). But more importantly, we all missed's too bad really that the person 'missing out' can't still see what's going on because we all kept talking about the things you would have noticed and liked had you been there. Obviously you being there would have been the most fun and I'm bummed out it didn't work of course, but since it didn't's nice to be missed.

Dainon said...

Don't you worry.

The concert blew. Hard.

veeda said...

I hope you rocked your meeting!

Oh, and I also heard bad things about the Ryan Adams show. Like how it cost $30 and he didn't even do an encore.

He is so moody. Being mistaken for Bryan Adams probably has that effect.