Thursday, August 30, 2007

In Fairness

That last song was a little depresso so I feel compelled to post what I think is probably the most ROMANTIC song I've heard in a long long time.

This one is from one of my very favorite bands, a little Canadian group named Stars. I saw them in Boston once upon a time and they were magical.

The song is a great lyrical arguement for monogamy. As fun as it is to have sparks and first kisses and go through learning a new person, it's actually incredibly hot to have someone in your life is already there:

I know your face
all the ways you move
you come in, I can read you
you're my favourite book

A boy who was not even interested in me once figured out the patterns of the way I laugh and I'll confess, there was something very sweet about being figured out. Even for something as silly as octaves in a giggle.

Give it a listen.
My Favourite Book


ThomCarter said...

This is fantastic!

Thanks for sharing. I won't even soil this by naming a great Bon Jovi song.

chloe elizabeth said...

Seriously! I love this. I really need to find an excuse to come down there...and money and vacation time. Il faudra bien chercher comme je n'en an ni l'un ni l'autre!

Just getting ready for my French class that starts on Wednesday. Good times!

tim & brandi said...

I am Tim and this is my Heart. My wife and I are big Stars fans. We had a couple Star songs on our wedding cd. (Likely the best EVER.) I'm a little upset that you've reminded me that I'm stuck in the office without having put any on my work iTunes yet. And suddenly I can't access your download links. Damn the man! But I'll forgive due to the fact that since I didn't recognize your lyrics so had to do some research and discovered that the new album comes out at the end of the month!

k8 said...

what??? who spends even one day in an office without loading their itunes???

i have a couple other tracks from the new album and i think i can safely say-they've done it again. these guys just GET love.

and chloe, i'm jealous that you are taking French! la francais me manque!!!!