Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A lesson

My mother always told us that music sounds much better the louder it gets.

I think that goes double for songs you listen to at full blast in the car.

My company moved offices in January and it added about 15 minutes to my morning commute and almost a full half hour on the way home. I try not to complain to much because every day I drive through Laguna Canyon and then along PCH. It would be tough to find a prettier place to spend 45 minutes. Especially around 6:00 when the light gets really warm and the ocean looks pretty spectacular. There is this point right after Laguna Beach where you come around the curve in the road and you are at the top of the cliffs by Crystal Cove and it knocks the wind out of me every time.

Still, a commute is a commute and it can be boring and after a long crazy day at work I usually would rather just BE HOME. So I try to make that curve at Crystal Cove into a dramatic moment every day. And that usually involves some sort of music.

Lately it's been this song by The Commodores.

The first three minutes are all sad and smooth-perfect for having your windows down and watching the sun set. But then go ahead to about 2:58, and it REALLY comes alive. You've got this awesome swell and horns coming out of nowhere and then at 3:39, all hell sort of breaks loose. If I can time it just right, and come around the curve right around that moment, I've got the waves rolling in to my left, the sun slipping out of the sky in front of me, hair blowing in the breeze and me singing my guts out at the top of my lungs. It's pretty much enough to get rid of whatever lingering work stuff is in my brain. It'll come back as I'm falling asleep don't you worry, but if I have to be in my car anyway, I might as well enjoy it right?


Mike said...

Would have never thought that would be a "driving tune".

But the scene you set...the "time stamps" at 2:58 and 3:39.....can now certainly "see" your drive.

Well told. said...

Sounds like someone is working on the soundtrack of their life.

I do this too, there is a song that has the the lyric "in my rear view mirror" and I always look in my rear view mirror as if it is my soundtrack.

Beautifully done.

Bev said...

Phenomenal writer you....

I have always LOVED that song. My Mom and I used to sing it at the top of our lungs returning from grocery shopping when I was young on an average Saturday afternoon. It's a typical day, peace of life type song.

Now a new image of you driving amongst sunsets and crashing waves will make it all the more adored. Lovely.

AP said...

Can I ride home with you?

Katie said...

Wow, GREAT post!

The ear doctor grew up in Laguna Nigel. Last year we went back for a trip. That is probably one of the most beautiful areas of California I've ever seen.

You are lucky.

Mike said...

....this is a little after the fact....nevertheless

My daughter and I are at the drive-thru at Chik-Fil-A to "celebrate" another first day of school.....

This tune came on....I didn't realize it at first...but I was softly singing along....then I chuckled and realized the pic you painted with this post...anyway, thanks for sharing.....excellent