Thursday, March 15, 2007

Two things

I promise that at some point this week I am going to write a real post and not just things I've collected on the internet. Also, I swear that I can talk about something besides how much I love Friday Night Lights-even though I have done a fair amount of proselyting about it lately. But I was reading a re-cap of an episode over on Television Without Pity that articulated quite nicely a point that has been rattling around in my head recently.

In the episode, one of the assistant coaches gets himself in hot water for some racist comments about the black players on the team. Coach Taylor, the new man of my dreams, drops by his class to tell him that he really needs to make a public apology because the superintendent is getting calls from all over the county. Mac doesn't seem to understand that calling the black players, "junkyard dogs," and insinuating that they can't play QB because they aren't smart enough *might* be a bad career move-and they get into it a little bit. So here's the quote I thought I was so great from the re-cap:

Mac, looking down, says "Alright, alright" but then says that what's done is done and no apology is going to change that. Coach screws up his face and leans in a bit, "I'm not making' a request," turns on a dime and leaves. Wow, that one was almost as hott as Tim's "let's go" with the added bonus of being an ethical statement. You know you're in your thirties when you can get hot and bothered about a man doing the right thing.

And there is it is folks. Yes, Coach Taylor has a perfect smile and hair that rivals McDreamy's, but the real reason that I am now fervently praying to meet a nice Head Football Coach of sad small town where football is everything and people peak in high school is that he pretty manages to do the right thing every single time he's presented with a difficult situation.

And that my friends is not just something your mom would like in a boy you bring home. It also happens to be pretty sexy.


cropstar5 said...

Amen sister!
And I'd just like to blame you for my severe sleep deprivation. After you recommended this show I stayed up until 3am several nights in a row until I'd watched all 18 episodes. Awesome show!
That little Matt Seracen is so cute he breaks my little heart!I love everyone in Dillon, TX. Except Buddy. He's a creep.
Thanks for the recommendation!

k8 said...

HA! I accept full responsibility for your sleeplessness. I have one more night to get myself all caught up so I can watch at it's regular time next week.

Buddy Garrity IS totally creepy.

And if you want to overload on cheesy Matt Saracen love-type that name into Youtube and watch a couple of the fan-vids with Julie-Matt clips. So junior high. So sweet.

f*bomb. said...

As far as integrity goes, I'm still voting Palmer.
Besides. I've never watched sports, fictionalized or otherwise, so I'm not about to start now.
Besides. I already have my dream man. Between the hardcore singing and pure physical prowess, Jack Black rules my world.

Ihavenoclevername. said...

I can hook you up with the coach in Parowan, but he's married to my cousin, so it might make for awkward family reunions.

Ihavenoclevername. said...

And, f*bomb, last night you said that I was your new dream man. Maybe your name should be c*tease instead of f*bomb?

farrah said...

I said that? Was I drunk? And if you ARE, in fact, my dream man, why can I not find your name tattooed ANYWHERE on my body?

Ihavenoclevername. said...

because you aren't limber enough, f*bomb.

sorry for the dirty talk on your blog, katie.

f*bomb. said...

No he's not. And if he had ever REALLY been with me, he would know that I am very bendy. VERY BENDY.
Tom lies.