Monday, March 19, 2007

Go Colts

There are a lot of things about being a grownup that it turns out are just as great as I thought they would be-I can keep chocolate chips in the cupboard and eat them all without making one single cookie, I can stay up as late as I want, I can drive whenever I want to. It's pretty awesome. But one of the biggest perks of being a grownup is that sometimes you get second chances on friendships you didn't get right the first time.

I am not sure why blogger is uploading this photo like a negative but the point is tiny little me on the front row, Wendi on the second row and Ashley in back and how sometimes you play soccer together when you are eight but it isn't until years later that you are sitting in your living room at one in the morning laughing yourselves sick.

When Bob Barker announced his retirement earlier this year, my friend Ashley-a dear friend I have known since kindergarten but didn't get close to until we were both out of college and became roommates-decided to round up a few other girls and make the trek from Utah to spend a few days by the beach and try to win the showcase showdown. She cast a wide net and ended up bringing Jennifer-another friend I grew up with, soccer Wendi and a new friend Sunny who they all play rec soccer with now. All of them are married and three of them are moms so this was going to be a nice girls weekend for everyone. Since my life is pretty much a non-stop girls weekend I was just looking forward to getting to spend some real time with these ladies. When I go home to Utah it's always a whirlwind trying to spend time with my family and see all the people I want to see and the end result is sometimes quantity over quality.

We spent most of Saturday shopping and talking. I'll admit to a moment's panic that being with four married women all weekend I wouldn't have much to contribute to discussions of pregnancy, husbands, and two year olds. But we talked about everything from what REALLY happens to your body when you have a baby (I wish I had a picture of Jennifer's face for some of that) to why we would or wouldn't vote for Hillary Clinton to how to make a difference in Africa. I will also confess to a deep seeded fear that I'll have to give up parts of myself to a husband and kids. Spending so much time with these girls, and getting past the initial "how's the family/job/calling/remodeling", they are all just as strong and independent and smart and amazing as they ever were. Although I did love it when Ashley was exploring my room and turned to me and said, "whenever you are feeling lonely, I want you to open your closet and look at all your fun clothes and remember that you would never have all of them if you had a toddler."

Sunday they wanted to go up to LA and check out The Getty. The art exhibits at The Getty are great but it's really the building itself that will melt your brain with it's awesomeness. It took twelve years and over a billion dollars to build and all you have to pay for is parking (and it's less then parking for a baseball game) and you can spend the whole day there. Pretty amazing. These are just a bunch of shots from the day. I wish I had a fancier camera but it was fun to take pictures up there.

Afterwards we did a wee bit of shopping in Brentwood and I found my little dream house.

In my head this is sort of what it looks like inside

And then a really great kitchen with lots of room....

Ok sorry, sometimes my regular thoughts get completely sidetracked by daydreams about my future house...the point is aren't Jennifer and Sunny cute?

I am sometimes almost embarrassed about how blessed I have been in the friend department. I have so many dear ones I must have gotten someone else's share.


sugarcube said...

What about The Price Is Right? Did you go?
I went once.

k8 said...

turns out that pretty much everyone in america wants to get on The Price is Right before Bob leaves. They went up at some obscene hour and had no shot at getting on and shopped instead. I went to work.

Dainon said...

I fast-forwarded to the end just to tell you that you run with some pretty cute friends. Now I promise to go back to the beginning and read through more slowly.

k8 said...

seriously-they are all proof that mommies don't need to be frumpalicious.

f*bomb. said...

Dainon likes pregnant women!!! hahahaa-
Seriously- and you're telling me your weekend wasn't better than mine? I think I just went to women's conference, went running and dyed my hair. O. And the Get Lucky Party. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Chloe Elizabeth said...

Just out of curiosity, do you know how much a bungalow like that costs in Brentwood?

Manfoom said...