Wednesday, March 28, 2007

So speaking of babies..

Work has been hectic this week and I haven't had time to knock out the posts swimming around in my head. But here's a little tidbit to tide us over.

My friend Jaime just announced that she is having a baby and we were talking last night about how tired but excited she is. But she said her husband jokingly called her "mommy" the other day and it just about stopped her heart. It's one thing to think of having a sweet little baby to dress up and take care of, and quite another to think of being entirely responsible for safely guiding another human being to adulthood.

Sometimes I lay awake and stare at the ceiling and worry about being a good mother to children it's highly likely I won't even have.

Kudos to all of you doing it.


Ihavenoclevername. said...

Whatever. How many times have I offered to get you pregnant? Many.

Jayne said...

You will be one and you will be your own brand of wonderful. The only really important thing is that you do your best and listen. I know this, my best talent was making all of you ( I know, with help from Dad and God and neighbors and friends) - but really, it was my best job ever!

snapdragon said...

I totally sympathize with your friends thoughts as I have them frequently these days. But really, it is truly exciting to see where this little human will do in this world. I just take it one day at a time. =)