Thursday, March 29, 2007

Family Matters

When I got back from San Francisco on Saturday morning I went and picked up my brother Logan and his girlfriend Kristen who were visiting from Utah. They had been with Kristen's family for a few days and now it was time for some Clifford power.
Well, after they took advantage of the hammock in our backyard. This might be my favorite spot in our whole house...
The boys in our family are all taller than the girls. Lots taller.
Amber was visiting from Boston so she and Corey came over to say hello. Apparently I wouldn't allow them to sit on my bed which is why they look like they might spontaneously burst into family prayer at any second.
Of course we went for the obligatory walk on the beach. It never, ever gets old.
Could they be any cuter?
We went down to Main Street and spent some time in American Vintage-a second hand store that we end up in anytime siblings are in town. I fell in love with this dress but it was apparently made to fit a woman with one or two ribs fewer than me. So cute though.
Then we went to have dinner at TK Burger. Consistently voted Best Burger in Orange County. Or voted Best Burger once, painted on the door so now it's permanent. In any event, it's really yummy.
Corey and Amber caught up with us for some burgers , fries and Diet Coke. This place is right off PCH so you sit on the patio and look out over the water. It's pretty rad.
We went home and watched a little Bring it On because it rules. "At least it's just cheerleading." "Don't you get it? I AM just cheerleading!" This is the part where I typically like to tell my story about passing Jesse Bradford coming out of a SuperBowl event in San Diego a few years ago and having him look me up and down and wink at me. Proud moment.
We spent the rest of the night taking goofy pictures of ourselves. This one is cute though. Blue eyes! Green eyes! Brown eyes!
Kristen taught us this game where you shake your head back and forth really fast and snap photos of it that end up looking like you got your face smashed in. I would have posted a few of them but they really do look disgusting.
We found a Starbucks that was open until midnight and got some steamed milks and talked until it was time to get to bed. I had to take them to LAX at five the next morning-I wish they could have stayed for a week!

I miss my family.


f*bomb. said...

Your family is gorge, and I want to vacation with you when you're in town.

k8 said...

i am biased for sure but i do think i have some fairly attractive sibs!

Whits said...

Awww family. *sigh* And I want to come back to the beach. Its cold here. blech.

elizabeth said...

hey i like that hoodie in the last picture.

tom said...

however annoying this may be, i'd like to reply to elizabeth's post above ^.

good job baby.