Monday, March 26, 2007

Did I say that out loud?

My sister sent me this video today and I can't stop laughing.

Trust me it'd scare you
If you knew what was going on in my brain
Trust me it'd scare you
That I picked out the church, or the schools or the names
If you knew it was all about you
Every wish, every candle, every coin in the fountain
Trust me it'd scare you

No wonder boys are afraid of girls!


Chloe Elizabeth said...

That is did she capture my thoughts in lyric and melody so perfectly...and I wonder why I'm not married. Ha ha ha.

tom said...

girls are scary.

Jayne said...

I believe every important thing about women being strong and smart and wise and having all the possibilities in the world. Oh, and we also do that.

aporitic said...

I'd just like to let the womyn-folk in on a little secret:

Most of us guys already know that y'all are basket-case crazy.

But we like you anyhow.

Or maybe because.

cropstar5 said...

so classic!

AP said...


f*bomb. said...

Are you even kidding? She's scaring ME!!!
...I'm so sure she's gonna make magic with the guy from Starbucks.