Friday, March 30, 2007


Hi. Who wants to help me with a work assignment?

Tell me your top three favorite female celebrities and whoever has the best list wins a pair of running shoes for themselves or their special lady friend.

I'm looking for smart, sophisticated, strong, talented women here. You throw out Lindsey or Paris and you totally LOSE.

Special points if all your suggestions are over 30.


Mary said...

This is not an easy thing to do, so I've narrowed my list to just actresses (in no particular order):

1. Carol Burnett
2. Judi Dench
3. Kate Winslet

k8 said...

strong first entry Mary.

extra special points if you can do over 30 and under 50.

ashlynn said...

I love actresses who you can relate to & feel like they could be on your friend.

1. Diane Keaton
2. Sarah Jessika Parker
3. Kate Winslet (not copying I promise)

joy said...

Oooh, fun homework! This was harder than it seemed, but here's what I got:

Rebecca Miller
Tea Leoni
Soledad O'Brien

lilcis said...

1. Jane Kaczmarek - she's super funny, created an awesome charity (Clothes off our Back), AND she was in an old LDS movie (The Last Leaf)

2. Tina Fey - super smart, super fun, super gal

3. Diane Lane - She's absolutely stunning and seems really down to earth

CTRunner said...

Kate Winslet
Bridget Jones version Renee Zellweger
Regina Spektor

Miss Hass said...

1. Kate Winslet--because she won't let anyone talk about her alleged weight issues without taking them to the mat for it. And then winning.

2. Angelina Jolie--despite the fact that she may have broken up Brad Pitt's marriage, she has turned herself into a pretty incredible advocate for the downtrodden in the world.

3. Michelle Obama--I don't know why. She just inspires me and is interesting to boot.

Allison said...

How 'bout:
1. Oprah (broke new ground for women and minorities, gives back, empowers others, is classy)
2. Gwen Stefani (solid sense of self demonstrated by unique style, talented/excelled in male-dominated industry, embraced motherhood)
3. Hilary Swank (overcame underprivileged childhood, doesn't rely on her sexuality to get by in life, chooses risky roles) ?

Dainon said...

1. Salma Hayek.
2. Zooey Deschanel.
3. Rachel McAdams.

k8 said...

it is going to be so hard to choose a winner!

keep them coming!

Michael John said...

1. Maya Lin
2. Karen O
3. Ashley Ferl

dallapozza said...

1. Maya Lin
2. Karen O
3. Ashley Ferl

dallapozza said...

that's weird.

Zachariah said...

For some reason, as a guy, I feel wierd commenting on this, but my wife really needs running shoes, so...

1) Oprah Winfrey
2) Condoleeza Rice
3) Katie Couric

Whits said...

1. Audrey Hepburn (I didnt know if you wanted dead/alive haha so just cross this off if it doesnt work but she's the epitome of style, grace, and she worked in Africa when she was older)

2. Reese Witherspoon (okay she didnt go to college, but did get accepted to stanford and I think of her as the ultimate type A do it all herself personality plus its awesome she has a mom and has morals/values)

3. Natalie Portman (harvard grad, interesting choices in movies and socially conscious)

4. Angelia Jolie (okay she's super weird, too skinny, and I dont agree with the whole stealing kids from other countries thing, BUT its awesome she's bringing more awareness to the UN and Africa, even if its misguided)

Chloe Elizabeth said...

1. Condoleezza Rice (she is 52, but she has aged amazingly well) - She's intelligent, talented (concert pianist) and she exercises daily. I'm not sure if this is for people to represent your company, but she is a huge advocate of the importance of exercising daily for emotional health.
2. Kate Winslet (31) - She's a talented actress, intelligent, a mom and she has a real body (one I'd actually love to have), rather than a skin and bones.
3. Christian Amanpour (49) - if the woman doesn't need to be American. I just think she is an amazing person.
3. If she needs to be American - (Maria de la Soledad Teresa) a.k.a. Soledad Obrien (40) - She's definitely intelligent and attractive and right between 30 and 50.

f*bomb. said...

1) Lucy Liu- An Asian action-fighter who's known for being super-intelligent and svelte.
2) Lisa Ling- She travels to perilous areas and impoverished countries to report and educate.
3) Gwen Stefani- A mother who's superfit, fun, and the epitome of energy.
4) Jada Pinkett Smith- A family woman who is the pride and joy of her husband and children, continues her own acting career, and is a rocker to boot! The woman can do EVERYTHING!
5) Madonna- The woman's well into her 40's, has two children, and who's own backup dancers report not being able to keep up with her energy, dedication, and strength.
6) Ellen Degeneres- She's ALWAYS in sneakers, dancing, running around, and is comfortable just being herself.
7) Oprah- She's over 50, has figured out the difference between thin and healthy, and talks non-stop about how much she walks her dogs and encourages healthy habits and accepting body image.
8) Jennifer Aniston- Did we forget that this woman has singlehandedly represented Pilates and put the popularity of this movement on the map? Her body transformed- not from thin to thinner, but from thin to strong.
9) Heidi Klum- She's a fashion icon and entreprenuer- but she's also a wife and mother in an inter-racial marriage and is always in excellent shape.

k8 said...

You know we'll probably end up with a Reese Witherspoon/Kate Winslet type and that's totally fine and I like them but then I read bios of Maya Lin or Christiane Amanpour and it makes my heart hurt a little for all of us that the women who memorize lines are far better known then the ones who create monuments and risk their lives reporting truth.

it's sort of too bad for all of us.