Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Quarter of a Century

Today is a very big day for my sister Emily as she is turning the big two-five.

Things to know about my sister:

1) she has the best laugh. And I'm not just saying that because we have the same one.
2) she can arrange flowers, candles, pictures, furniture, dishes, etc etc like she learned it from Martha Stewart
3) her wardrobe is hipper and fresher than girls who spend five times as much and still look like they just bought what was on the mannequin
4) she is not afraid to throw a party
5) she has better taste in music than anyone I know
6) she has already run and marathon and served a mission and has a cool job at a hip ad agency
7) she owns a PS3. Yeah.
8) I totally miss her

In honor of her birthday, I present a slide show of Emily photos. Careful, the cute might melt your screen.

Happy Birthday Sister.

1 comment:

snapdragon said...

emily certainly is the cutest! i hope she had a great day!