Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Beer and a Game

Last weekend Greg's girlfriend hosted her first ever "Mormon Party". A mormon party is distinguished from a regular party mostly because this is pretty much as hard as the beverage choices get
To keep it really legit, we also enjoyed a menu of Jello salad, funeral potatoes, and some casserole that Greg actually made himself.

After we finished making fun of stereotypical Mormon food and how everyone always has to call their mom to figure how to make it, we pretty much pigged out.

Beckie had just gotten a beautiful new flat screen TV so Jimmy and Rob took in a little football. The other boys eventually drifted in as well while the girls talked in the other room. So it was maybe like a Mormon Junior High School party for awhile there.
After we polished off the casseroles and before we started playing board games, Nelly discovered the red hot cheetos. If you aren't looking for a new snack to get addicted to, I suggest you stay away from these suckers. Believe me.
See what I mean? You can't eat just one.
Rob managed to get off Beckie's bed and join us in the living room. I promise Rob didn't just lay around acting sexy the whole time though.
Sometimes he played games on his Blackberry.
So after dinner we decided to play boys against girls Trivial Pursuit. I am convinced that entire encyclopedias about men and women and how they interact could be written by observing them play games against each other.

Do you see the look of exasperation on Nate's face here? That was because Greg would read the girls our question, then we would bat around two or three different answers, talk them to death and then finally settle on a completely new one that usually came out of nowhere. Meanwhile the boys would pretty much just come up with an answer and that was that.
I would like to respectfully point out however that our method DID contribute to the girl's team leading pretty much the entire game (5 to 2 as pictured here)and eventually basically crushing the boys.

Always with a smile and a Cheetoh.
The highlight of the game though was when the boys got a question about the insect that destroyed the crops of the Utah Pioneers and a room of returned missionaries couldn't come up with"Mormon Crickets"

A fun evening was had by all and Beckie proves she deserves her post as coolest honorary mormon ever.


Ems said...

are you kidding me?! NONE of you knew the cricket answer?

k8 said...

to be fair, the question asked for the nickname of the insect and the boys couldn't remember. they did at least know the story.

gretel said...

i never knew rm's were so hot.

Katie said...

Is that Nate Usher?

If so...small world!

k8 said...

yup, that is indeed the one and only nate usher.

small world indeed!