Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Event of the Year

So I have a friend named Mike from Salt Lake who I have known for years. Then I have this friend Kim who I met in Boston and who is one of the coolest girls on planet earth. One year ago a mutual friend of theirs suggested that maybe they might get along and the rest is a pretty romantic story about two crazy kids falling in love over the phone, Mike moving to Boston for the summer and them getting hitched the day before New Year's Eve. Corey was also friends with Kim back in Beantown so she came out for the wedding and made helpful faces while Emily put together centerpieces, flower arrangments, and the brides bouquet.
Em also did these simple but lovely centerpieces. Nobody tell that we lit candles in a church please.

They got married in a really pretty church in Provo surrounded, literally because we all stood in a circle, by people they loved. And then they were Mr. and Mrs.! And then we had lunch!

I finally got to meet Mike's cute as heck nieces Emma and Lucy. Also their mom Chanelle and the infamously awesome Cindy Mindy Pindy.
Danny was very excited about his cherry Diet Coke
Me, Kim, Jake, Mike, Corey and Emily

Ben took some photos with his really cool camera.
The elusive Dave D. The Boston Trio.

And all our sassy shoes.
The best part of the day was that we stopped for Big Gulps at the 7-11 right after the wedding and ran into the bride and groom. Their first official act as married folks-stoping at The Sev.

The reception was the next night and doubled as a totally awesome New Year's Dance Party in a warehouse in downtown Salt Lake. Mike hangs with a pretty hipster crowd so I spent the whole evening feeling like I was in a live action MySpace page. In a good way.

Mike had told us to invite whoever we wanted since it was reception/PARTY so Whit and Cam came by to hang for a while.

I'm pretty sure this is Cameron and me disagreeing about something but there was so much FUN in the air, we did it with smiles on our faces.
Emily, Tasha, Whitney, me, Cameron, Betsy and her friend Steve

Good old Mikey. I wish I had some pictures of him and his wife smoking up the dance floor.

Corey and Dave were so engrossed in conversation they forgot to dance.

New Year's is usually so anticlimatic but this particularly night was really fun. Mike and Kim were glowing, I saw lots of friends in the same place who are never in the same place and I got to dance my face off. Pretty much a perfect way to start 2007.

Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Kelly. Love you guys.


Snapdragon said...

looks like so much fun. sad i missed it. but glad you guys had fun. =)

Krispy said...

Forget about candles, you had Diet Coke in a Church. You're all so going to the hot place.

k8 said...

oh no! you are totally right!


aporitic said...

I will regret to my dying day that I missed this.