Monday, January 15, 2007

Family Hour

One thing we haven't done as a family in a long, long time is to get our pictures taken. So for Christmas for my parents we decided to hire our friend Mike to try to wrangle all of us for a real live sibling photoshoot.
Sterling and Megan
Tasha and Christopher
Logan, Christopher, Sterling
Tasha, me, Megan, Emily and Elizabeth

And the whole crew. It already looks like a ton of people and we aren't even halfway done adding in-laws. Perhaps I am a little biased but I think it's a pretty good looking crowd.


gretel said...

stunning crowd. and you clifford siblings look just so much alike!

snapdragon said...

Those are some seriously great photos. Looks like a lot of fun too.

p.s. Tell Elizabeth that her hair looks so awesome!

Dainon said...

Why are you guys so ridiculously good looking? I can't stop staring.

I also appreciate the fact all the boys dig black leather bootwear. I can empathize.

k8 said...

well as you can see by my sister's in law-there is tremendous pressure on the rest of us to bring home photogenic companions.

we do have a thing for shoes in our family. you can blame our grandfather.

and snap-d, it really is cute hair-i wish i'd been confident enough to rock hair that short at fifteen!

Rod Clifford said...

It's said that we should all strive to leave the world better than we found it. Looks like I've done it.