Friday, January 12, 2007

Back in Black

I'm in Salt Lake this weekend, reuniting the whole family to welcome Logan back to civilian life in a first world country after his two year LDS mission in the Phillipines.

Sterling and Megan will be in on Saturday so last night the other five of us treked to the airport to pick him up. My parents were there as well but aren't quite the picture fiends the rest of us are.

We waited and waited as every single other human on the plane came down the escalator. We wondered what he would be like-would he still be our Elmo-impersonating, music loving, high octane little brother? Then seven adorable elders appeared at the top of the stairs and Logan proceeded to the do The Robot on the way down. Yup, that's our boy.

He was so excited to see us.

My cute grandparents showed up then. At an age where most women are settling into their polyester pants, it's pretty awesome that my grandma looks better in jeans than I do. (Although this bodes well for me now that I am over thirty)
We struggled for quite awhile to take a decent sibling photo-but i think this one tell you all you need to know about our family. We just don't settle down very well. We kept my poor step-dad up until inhumane hours last night with our laughing. He and my mom don't know how long we kept silently giggling long after they finally went to bed.
So then we took Logan outside and his tropical climate lungs stopped cold in the Salt Lake air.
Isn't he adorable?
We got into the car and Logan put some Pinback on the iPod for the first time in two years Which led to this.
And possibly led to this as well.

Welcome home Logan. We really really missed you.


gretel said...

awwww, this is so great!! and man, what eyes he has - every girl (and boy) must be full of envy.

i was almost about to shed a little tear..

happy for you guys that he's home.

snapdragon said...

looks like fun. you cliffords are so cute. =)

Whitney said...

haha! I love it! I want to be a clifford! I remember how awesome it was when cam came home...le sigh.

Krispy said...

I don't even know you guys and those coming-home pictures created some kind of strange leakage in my eyeballs.

Miss Hass said...

Awww. So exciting!