Monday, December 11, 2006

'Tis the Season

There comes a time in every girl's life when she finally lives in a house that doesn't feel like a student apartment and thus, no longer wants Christmas decorations that look like they were all cast-offs from someone's 1987 theme party. Also, if she happens to live in Southern California, lovely decorations will probably be her only reminder that it is indeed the holiday season as every day is pretty much some variation of this:
So last weekend I talked Corey into letting me use her for her jeep and we went to Home Depot to get a Christmas tree.
Then we saw these little guys and decided, "who needs TREE, when you can have TREES!"
So we ended up buying three little trees and a whole bunch of poinsetta plants for the window seat in my living room. Live trees smell so good, don't drop needles all over, and allow for a little variety in decorating.
I decided on a monochromatic theme. Gold.
OK, so maybe this is in no danger of showing up in Martha Stewart Living anytime soon but I love my little trees.
And the new red vase I also couldn't resist!

And as an early Christmas present to all of you, here is one of my favorite holiday songs of all time,Valley Winter Song by Fountains of Wayne

Merry Merry!


Rod Clifford said...

Very nice, Katie. Home is where you are, not where you've been.

pinetreesummer said...

home is in your heart...

Kylie said...

good idea katie! your trees are beyutiful. =)