Friday, December 08, 2006

Here Kitty Kitty

Ok, I know the cat was photoshopped into this picture but everything about this photo is cracking me up today. And the freaked out feline is the least of it. I have been that child on the left-one year at Lake Powell my friend Matt's dad loaded three of us onto what he called "The Death Biscuit" and proceeded to drive the boat so fast and so furiously that Vin Diesel himself couldn't have caught us. We bounced and skidded across the wake and screamed our little lungs out until he finally managed to shake the death grips we had on that thing. We flew off and I almost knocked out my tooth on the head of the girl next to me. I imagine we probably looked a lot like the kid in the middle who is going to be nearly hysterical when she tells her mom how high she bounced before she almost drown. And her father will be trying desperately not to laugh while she cries.

I seriously can't wait to have kids.


gretel said...

same here, sister.

Rod Clifford said...

Sometimes life itself feels like this, doesn't it? But then come calmer waters that let you catch your breath before the Fates gun the engine again. Enjoy the ride, kid. It's better than watching from the beach.

Anonymous said...

"Can't wait to have kids"?
Come over later and I'll hook you up.