Thursday, December 21, 2006

All You Can Eat

A sure fire way to make sure Monday doesn't completely suck is to have a sushi party on "all you can eat for 19.95 night" in Laguna Beach.

It was Corey's birthday this week so we rounded up some of our raw fish loveing friends to take advantage of crazy amounts of sushi for not very much moola. The boys were nice enough to sacrifice Monday Night Football for the occasion but Jimmy still managed to spend a fair amount of time facing the televsion.

But Curtis managed to tear himself away long enough to smile
Rob and Mark tried their best "Doud" faces. Mark did a pretty good job, Rob looks like he's headed for a sushi coma.
Corey has made a New Year's resolution to close her mouth in photos so she's living it up right now.
Rob tried to pretend he was too cool to be moved by my show of affection (but we had to take that photo about five times for him to get the right "bored" look so you do the math.)

We ate so much I'm pretty sure that place will be shutting down this promotion pretty much any day now, but until then-I have a new favorite FHE activity.


Corey said...

funny ... b/c Rob, doesn't look so "bored". He's like sleeping sushi beauty, a kiss to awaken him from his coma.

Whits said...

awww wished I was there. sushi...aauuuggghhhh (the sound homer makes)
I love corey's new years resoluation. HILARIOUS.