Thursday, April 02, 2009

Old Love

A few years ago my friend Melissa and I were having a discussion about new-to-us older music. She had recently discovered that Van Morrison wasn't just "that cheesy guy whose songs always show up on soundtracks for romantic comedies." I'm sure her life is the better for it.

Today I was polishing a powerpoint presentation to the strains of a James Taylor station on Pandora when an Eric Clapton song came cycling through and I had a Melissa like moment of clarity. Now I have a guitar playing father so I am not stupid-I know Mr. Clapton has a reputation for being kinda good at that thing. And since I did spend some time as an adolescent female, I have a few fabulous memories of high school dances and "Wonderful Tonight". But you know, in my era, Clapton is kinda adult contemporary. Well this song is straight up adult hott and I found a version on You Tube that was almost making me blush in my chair. This my friends is why women lurk backstage and then make really bad decisions after the show. Be patient and hang in there because around the six minute range I promise you will not regret sticking around. What must it feel like to be THAT good at something? (I mean, besides being awesome become clearly, I have that DOWN.)

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MrsEm said...

Talent! It would be amazing to have a gift like that, an ability to just cold bust down on guitar anytime anywhere. I'm that good at...broiling fish? applying mascara maybe? Not sure.