Sunday, April 19, 2009

Giving in

I know better then to trust that the nice weather is here to stay but Spring made a real valiant effort this weekend to let us know it's on it's way. My roommate and I managed to eat dinner outside on Friday night even if it did mean leaving our coats on. My friend Nat and I celebrated not needing coats and boots with an evening of dancing downtown and the next day a few of us took a little road trip up to Rockport to enjoy fresh lobster and some shopping at The Rack.

So it was a good weekend but I stayed up waaaay too late both nights and so today I came home from church and crashed on the couch. I'm a little tired of watching movies after the long winter so I'm doing something I sort of thought I would never do.

I'm reading Twilight. I'm all for a great love story but everything I've heard about Twilight has made it sound more like obsession then romance. Plus I'm kind of a snob when it comes to books and no one is claiming this thing is literary genius. But it's kind of a cultural phenomenon and my roommate has a copy so here I am, 121 pages in and frankly, kind of intrigued. I'm definitely planning to review it when I'm done. Which judging from how quickly I got this far could be later tonight if I was feeling ambitious....the AP english student in me is weeping just a bit.


jane said...


fyi: my hometown is pretty much around the corner from Forks. {montesano, she mentions my town in Twilight!} Stephenie Meyer does nail the northwest-coast life of a teen. maybe for one moment I missed the fog, rain, and bonfires.

happy reading!

The Andersen Family said...

I enjoyed Twilight (but not obsessed shirt wearing, picking favorite team-it would be Jacob if I did*wink,wink*, movie stalking, BUT enjoyed) for the fact that it was a fun story. Sometimes I don't want to think when I read, I just want to be entertained!

Happy reading!

Kersten said...

I read them on a couple of sick days earlier this fall and still refuse to put them on my good reads. The shame is strong.

(But I thought the movie was way less painful than the writing!)

And I totally, totally understand the English nerd reluctance to fess up.

Jayne said...

Oh dear, I hope that I have not somehow connected you to my DNA (wait...)! I began reading it Thursday and it does go fast and I doubt if I will ever recommend it. But I will have read it!

tim and brandi said...

Noooooooooo! You just lost my respect.

Okay, not really, but COME ON, Twilight??


c said...

katie, don't listen to the haters. i am a book snob myself and picked the series up for some brain candy... and it is fantastic brain candy. i can criticize other people's writing all day long but let's face it... this woman wins. she thought it up, she wrote it, and zillions of people are obsessed. she is a great storyteller and the characters draw you in! (okay can you tell i am a huge fan? i am. can't help myself).

Cooper Squared said...

it will insult your intelligence and as the books go on you will often think, "why am i still reading this?" however, you will keep reading and then you will realize that each book lost a little of the magic the first contained.

but i still liked it enough.