Saturday, June 14, 2008


The U2 song "Desire" came on the radio as I was driving home tonight. I haven't heard that song in about a hundred years but it's history with me got me thinking about how sometimes a seemingly insignificant event can have long, long range effects.

When I was a freshman in college I worked on my friend Derick's campaign for Student Body President. The only class I ever failed in my collegiate career was a Geology class I had that spring semester because it just completely interfered with my campaigning/flirting to get votes duties. We spent hours and hours for the months before the election standing outside the student center handing out buttons and talking to people. Our major opponents belonged to a party called "Desire" and they would play that blasted song over and over and over and over every. single. day. Even before the election I was pretty sure that if I were ever sent to hell, that looped song would be the soundtrack. When my friend lost and that guy won it was sealed, I hated the song with the kind of white hot hatred only an 18 year old girl with a half-crush on the candidate can have. I was pretty sure I was also finished with Student Politics but managed to swallow my aversion when it came to applying for a position on the Activities Board the next week. Long story short, I got a job as the Publicity Director (which I hadn't even realized until this very night was a stroke of foreshadowing!), had a crazy fun year and ended up really liking the kid who won. Five years later when I was looking for my first real job, he helped me land an interview with the Olympics and that job introduced me to the woman who connected me to RYKA which obviously led to me to the position I am in now.

I kind of needed a reminder that sometimes it takes a long time for a seed to bear fruit and that had I given in to my fears about SUU and gone home like I really really wanted to, I think I might have missed out on a fair amount of awesome in the last 14 years. (14 years??? oh my gosh I am so old!!!!) I also needed a reminder that Desire is a pretty fantastic song.


CoCo said...

What a timely post. For Christmas mom Cooper collected all the home videos and put them on DVDs for the kids. I was watching one of them recently and was mostly embarassed by the stuff on there, but completely forgot about my prom. I spear headed the committee that picked the decorations, we stored them and assembled them at my house, I cut out all those damn stars and hand wrote names of couples to attach to the favors ... and then it hit me, that's kind of what I'm still doing, except now getting paid. Foreshadowing indeed.

f*bomb. said...

I wish I had some forshadowing...I sold pest control door-to-door for 8 years.
PLEASE tell me that's not in my future!