Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Be Prepared

Once my friend Whitney did a really long training run for a marathon and didn't take any water. When she and I write a book about how even total losers can run races she will write the no hydration chapter and I will write the one about how it's a really good idea to stay up all night three days before the event and hope you can get three or four good hours in on the plane.

It seemed like a good plane eight hours ago when I wanted to go to dinner and Berry Line more then I wanted to pack (see below).

Also, I type way way faster when I'm silly tired.


CoCo said...

Can I be a guest author and write the chapter on how it's a good idea to include a few runs in your training for said race. I'm preparing for very tight hip flexors. Ugh!

Ems said...

and I'll write the chapter about how making sure you only eat cheap Mexican food and candy the week before a race is A BAD IDEA.

guys, what is wrong with us?

Racie said...

Are you coming into SLC for the Wasatch Back? If so, I'll see you running, hopefully! Look for me, I'll look for you. Give me a call. I think you have my SLC number. email me if you don't.

Good Luck!!

Whits said...

YAY. Let's write this book.

I always feel so famous when I get a shout out.

I know you'll do awesome despite the lack of sleep. It's all mental.

KatieGirlBlue said...

Hope you're out there running amok right now, K8! Thanks for all the awesome blogging; you make my day!

chloe elizabeth said...

can I write the chapter about how even chubby girls can finish marathons...or maybe one about running the Wasatch Back with no real running for the three months prior?

So sad I didn't get to see you...but it was crazy out there and we were one of the later, later start times.

JS said...

How long are you in SLC? I'm here until Sat and would LOVE to see you before I head back to the wilds of Delhi.