Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Da da da

So while I am trying to find five seconds to put my Wasatch Back photos up before I leave for Spain in Friday (that's right, Barcelona for a week for work-you have permission to immediately tune out ANY of my whining from now on if you would like), I give you the best thing I have seen/heard in awhile. I stole it from Dainon but I think he'll forgive me if it means gaining a new fan or two for Bon Iver. This starts kind of slow but it's worth watching the whole thing. You all know that I love music SO MUCH but even so, for something to make me cry-well it's major. Yes please to cute boys harmonizing in France.


Dainon. said...

You are absolved of any hint of wrongdoing. No stealing. Only re-sharing.

Our Family said...

Barcelon Rocks! There's so much to do. (Alot more if you aren't a missionary.) That's what I was when I was there. Check out Las Ramblas. It's really fun to people watch. I'm jealous.