Wednesday, July 18, 2007

to whom it may concern

Dear copywriters-

I know I said yesterday that online romance wasn't really for me but something happened last night that changed everything. One of you is my soulmate and I know it. The evidence? The random anecdote on last evening's deal reminder email:

"I have a really bad sense of direction, which is why I think I forget plans, people's birthdays, and double-book events. It's not so much a matter of direction as it is a matter of space and time. I can't remember which way I was going on the highway, but I also can't remember that Saturday is the same day as the day after tomorrow. That's why if you ask what I'm doing Friday afternoon, I'll say, "No plans," even though I have plans to go out on a boat with friends on July 20th."

Why, this could have been lifted from my own brain! Just last night I was standing in line at Chronic Taco, doing a mental check of my weekend events when I put it together that I had scheduled dinner with a friend on Friday, and RSVP'd for a party on July 20th. Never crossed my mind that those were the same day. I'm also the girl who can't really process the difference between right and left. Friends have learned that it's better to point when playing navigator because if they just say "turn left," it's anyone's guess which way I will go. This deficiency has several times resulted in frustrated folks going the opposite way when I provide directions.

So Mr. Copywriter, I'm already imagining the funny story we'll tell of how we planned our wedding for a Saturday but somehow bought plane tickets for our honeymoon that left on the Friday before because dates and times are meaningless to us. But it was OK because you let me handle the maps with the invitations and most of our guests would have ended up in Logan and missed it altogether anyway. Everyone will shake their heads and say, "it's a good thing you two found each other!"

I think this idea has legs.

-your faithful reminder reader


f*bomb. said...

I like to think it's because my mind is focused on things of a higher nature, rather than such menial details as whether I'm going the right way, following the speed limit, or wearing matching socks. More like, "what's for lunch?" and "Was that guy behind me cute, and did he notice me, too?"

chloe elizabeth said...

Another great funny. And f*bomb...your comments are the bomb.

Katie said...

I do this all the time! It's like it doesn't quite click that those are the same days. Glad other people have the same problem.

cropstar5 said...

i've learned to give directions such as:
"go left... no no, your OTHER left"
"head west... ok just go towards the lake"
and you know that trick about making and L with your thumb & index finger? well that never worked for me because i can't remember if the leg of the L is supposed to go left or right when i'm in the heat of the moment. both hands make an L!!

Anne said...

I can totally relate to this post! As a matter of fact just yesterday I had to iron out a weekend I had double booked like months ago! Why can't I just get my act together?!

Oh, and I subscribed to the daily emails the first time you talked about and it's the best thing I have ever done. I can always count on that email for a good laugh first thing in the morning. Thanks for sharing the tip!

Sherpa said...

Yeah, I can totally relate to this too.