Monday, July 16, 2007

The Illustrated Weekend

Last week felt like this.

All week.
By the time Friday came around, and the extra weekend traffic doubled my commute home, I was done with this. So Saturday I blew off my list of errands for this.
And this.
With lots of people I like.
And we got to see stuff like this.
This was the winning weiner dog. I tried to take better photos but those little guys were just too quick.

I also got to see my first ever horse race. Way, way cooler than I was expecting.
Then we went to a Jewish Deli nearby that was not just delicious, but also awesome. We resolved to visit more Jewish Deli's this summer. Since this summer does not yet have a theme, it very well might become "the summer of the jewish deli." I'll keep you posted.
We might have flirted with the waiter a little which resulted in us ending up with an entire chocolate cake for Marissa's soon-to-be-birthday.

And really any evening that ends with me in a tiara is a good one right?

Yeah i know, my life is a little silly right now. I'm OK with that though.


f*bomb. said...

I DO love the horse races! Anyplace where I can wear a dress and a wide-brimmed hat and look like I fit in is AWESOME.
Plus, I am spectacular at betting. Take me! Take me!

noelle f. said...

Those pictures are great!

darcy fabulous said...


Miss Hass said...

Fun! Traffic is the biggest thing I don't miss about living in a city. It's what keeps me a small-town girl.

CoCo said...

Why is it that I'm NOT cropped out of the tiara picture. I promise it was not as painful to wear it as I made it look.

k8 said...

if i leave you out of my photos then people will stop asking every five minutes if we are roommates.

Lori said...

I loved those fast, little weiners! Next time we will have to get there earlier so we have seats. BY the way... Katella Deli is one of the best in OC. Next time you are near the LA Temple... check Out Nick's Coffee shop and Deli, it's a good one and invite me :)

Heather said...

Milo would have smoked the competition. Too bad he had to compete in NorCal with the ringers.

B. said...

I never get any credit for this.

k8 said...

as soon as i saw you had posted i knew i was going to get it for copyright infringement.