Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I went to dinner with some of the girls last night and Jaime brought her baby.

I'm fascinated by pregnancy. I mean, Jaime has a WHOLE PERSON INSIDE OF HER. She's making a BRAND NEW HUMAN BEING. This sounds so hokey but honestly, babies are a total miracle. It blows my mind that women get to do this.

I've been re-reading one of my favorite books, Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner, and there is a line that jumped out at me this week. The narrator comes into the room where his pregnant wife and her pregnant best friends are talking and observes:

"I see them there, and think how in those two women four hearts are beating, and it awes me."

Holy crap, me too.


Jayne said...

Weird - I am rereading Crossing to Safety too" Did I tell you that I'm presenting it in my book club? I love love that line. I just love that book.

chloe elizabeth said...

Evidently, this is another book to add to the list.

elizabeth said...

i love babies.

Laurie said...

Aww, Katie. Just you wait until you become pregnant. It is just indescribable! There's just no way of explaining how it feels to have your baby push his little feet into your ribs because he likes the firmness of them. And it's as though they're communicating with you by the way they move. I remember being close to labor and I was really upset. I started to cry then all the sudden I felt my little Micah kick in a way that was like, "I love you, Mommy."

By the way, you'll be the most wicked awesome mother! I'll be so happy when you're a mom because then I can create something for you in exchange for the wonderful gift you sent me. :)

f*bomb. said...

Sounds kinda freaky and weird to me.
Like "Aliens."