Thursday, July 05, 2007


Don't tell my landlord but she could double my rent for this month and it would still be worth it just for the Fourth of July.

One thing I like about Huntington is that even though it's part of sprawling Orange County, it still has what feels like small town pride. There are street fairs in the Spring and almost every holiday is an excuse to shut down Main Street and throw a big party. But the Fourth feels like a giant block party through the whole city. Everyone is out on bikes, playing in the yard, being friendly. It just seems like exactly the way we should celebrate our country.

On Tuesday Corey was saying everything had that feeling you have right before you have an event at your house...that calm before the storm but the air of something great about to happen. I had told her that she HAD to get a beach cruiser for Wednesday or she would be sad so she picked up this beauty.

Then a bunch of us headed down to Taco Tuesday at Sharkeez where we ate delicious food and then went to see a really dumb movie. So dumb I won't tell you what it was but the company was good.
I took advantage of the street fair going on that day as well and indulged in a little temporary body art. Still glad I never got a real one but it's fun now and then to get a fake one.
The next day we rode our little bikes over to our friend Logan's house. He lives right on the parade route so he invited an obscene amount of people over for pancakes on the lawn.
Everyone was definitely in the mood to play.
The Girl Scouts helped get us all patriotic.
I think our block made the most noise on the whole route.
And here was the highlight of the whole parade. This guy managed to make every single girl we were sitting with swoon just a little bit.
Mariellen and I went home to get stuff on the BBQ for the small group we invited over. But then Quiet Riot's "Come on Feel the Noise" came on and we had to take a quick dance break.
We ate kabobs and goofed around a bit.
And then it was time to hit the beach. Sometimes the single mormon tendency to travel in herds makes me nuts. But when it means almost everyone you know and like is in one place it's actually pretty fun.
And Heather and Brad provided us with a slightly scandalous Spiderman moment.
And I thought long and hard about getting in the water. I finally opted to make a break for it and made a mental note that I really ought to do that every weekend for the rest of the summer. The waves were pretty brutal but it felt amazing.
We went home and showered and then hit the street fair again for snow-cones the size of our heads.
Then we stopped by a BBQ that was pretty fun but pretty packed. Corey and I had both hit capacity on crazy social scenes so we headed to a smaller gathering on the other side of town.
Go toward the light Core.
We took advantage of PCH being closed and rode our bikes right on the street.
And then ended up down on the sand for fireworks and giggling.
I love you HB. So much.


Jayne said...

OK so you didn't miss the 4th with the fam in Utah one bit! In fact, I now miss Orange County more than usual....

Pam said...

Nellie looks so stoked to be getting her face painted... way to take one for the patriotic, Nell...

Dainon said...

I just fell in love with California. Again.

Thank you.

f*bomb. said...

Yes. That's EXACTLY what it was. It was like Christmas morning ALL. DAY. LONG.

Whits said...

I love HB because of you and corey.