Friday, November 03, 2006


I've mentioned before that one thing I love about my job is that from time to time I have projects that give me a chance to hire talented friends of mine. It's so much fun to work with people I already know and like and to be able give them a chance to build their portfolios. When our website needed a refresh on imagery, I was lucky enough to get my friend Mark to shoot it. I think perhaps the idea of spending two days taking pictures of pretty girls in workout clothes might have contributed to his willingness to take the job. Whatever it was, I was glad he could make some time between shooting snowboarders and the likes of Kevin Federline to do my girly project.

So I'll just admit it-I am incredibly jealous of people with artistic/design talents. I just think they see the world in a different way and I'm totally fascinated by it. For instance, I was standing right there in the studio all day and what I saw was this

Here is what Mark saw

And here is what he saw in the grand total of 10 minutes we spent trying to get a quick shot before anyone hassled us about a permit. (this was actually not the first time that happened on a work shoot)

Obviously it turned out to be a fabulous shoot-even my super picky apparel director loved the images. I had way too much fun, bonded with all the models and really enjoyed watching Mark work. It's fun when a guy who throws you in the swimming pool and makes your stomach hurt with his South Park voices also happens to have a real live grown up talent. And all the better if it ends up making me looking totally awesome for hiring him!

See people? Using your friends is totally WIN-WIN!


Rod Clifford said...

So what is your remarkable writing ability, kid, chopped liver?

k8 said...

i think that just means i express things differently. i didn't get any of the design or style or musical talent you would think i would from my particular collection of parents and grandparents.