Thursday, November 02, 2006


So about six months ago, my friend Jaime decided that in honor of a year of 30th birthdays, we should pull together a group of us that used to hang out in college. And the great thing about being adults is that within about two weeks, everyone had made plans and booked tickets to San Francisco. Here we have Jaime, Jenny, me, Kathie, Mary and Jenny
Fully 2/3 of the photos I came home with were taken across a table. We did alot of eating. Eating and shopping and laughing. Mary and Jennie are both complete pros at that whole laughing thing.
And if we weren't eating, we were walking. And looking sassy. We went to Ghiradelli's for treats and in a dining room full of kids and parents, we were the only table wearing these awesome hats. I don't know what's wrong with people.
Six women, three sundaes-they never had a prayer.
We had dinner at this really fun Italian place one night and Jenny told everyone how old we were.
After about 10 trips to San Francisco, I finally rode the cable car. Despite my sometimes snotty attitude toward touristy stuff, it was actually quite fun.We took lots of goofy picturesand crowded around to look at them
We hit on this guy. OK really though, how cute are we?

The weekend went my much too quickly of course but I am delighted to report that we had as much fun now as we did all those years ago at school. We reminded each other of crazy experiences I haven't thought about in YEARS-crushes I had forgotten all about, embarrassing stories, updates of old roommates and sorority sisters. It was exactly the kind of weekend you hope you'll have one day when you are a sitting in the cafeteria our freshman year with no one to talk to.

Obviously we are doing this again. Obviously.

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