Monday, July 31, 2006

No Sleep Til

I mentioned awhile back that one cool part of my job is that sometimes I get to hire my friends. And it gets infinitely cooler when I get to go to New York with said friends to film some content for my brand's website. So two weeks ago, the three of usDamian, Matt and me(not pictured), traipsed around Williamsburg (on some record breaking hot and humid days), following a dancer/free runner/yoga instructor/personal trainer/inspiring woman for our first 60 second spot.
First of all, let it be known that New York is pretty much an amazing city. I know it's loud and dirty and crowded and that can turn some people off. I'm not even sure how well I would handle living there. But everytime I go, there is an energy to the place that you feel you the minute you get off the plane that I have never felt anywhere else. I never get enough sleep in New York because I feel like every single second is a potential adventure. The first night we were there I sat in a curb in SoHo somewhere at 12:30, talking to my sister on the phone and marveling at how much activity there was on a random street corner, in the middle of the night on a Monday.
That night I also got to visit my dear friend Jed who recently relocated to New York and now works for a cool post-production house in SoHo. This is the view from one of the roofdecks in his office. We ate yummy Thai food and caught up on his big city adventures.
One of my childhood fantasies was always to play in the fire hydrants like the kids on Sesame Street. I really had to hold myself back from joining the kids playing in this park fountain.
In the two days we followed her around Weena nearly wore us out.She stood on her head
She vaulted
she jumped
she flew. (ok, i'll just admit right now that this might be one of my favorite photos I've ever taken. I l-o-v-e it.)
She was having so much fun I really couldn't contain myself from trying the ropes as well. This was all I could manage but I think you can see on my face-playing on the playground is really, really fun. I need to do it more often.
One of the highlights of the shoot was when we all got busted for trespassing because we had the audacity to ignore the complete lack of "no trespassing" signs and assumed that an open gate meant we could get in. Dumb dumb dumb. However! The guys managed to get a shot of Weena's leg in perfect unison with the Empire State Building that was totally worth all the tickets.
One of Weena's clients used to work for Martha Stewart. Everything in her apartment was some kind of awesome, but I was particularly fond of these plates on the wall.
The last night Damian and I met up with some friends from our secret internet club. We are very blurry but that is because I have learned that if you give the camera to tourists over a certain age-you either get no photo at all, or something very blurry. We are adorable. I promise.
The piece turned out awesome but you don't geta> to see it yet. A very good reason to stick around...


CoCo said...

more importantly, where the hell did you find Weena? Sickly amazing.

Manfoom said...

Okay, I believe it now.

Manfoom said...

I think it is obvious also that Matt did all the hard work.

k8 said...

yeah she's pretty awesome eh?

and manfoom, you totally did so much work! who else could have carried the Gatorade?

Manfoom said...

that was in Matt's backpack.

bex said...

this photo shoot looks so awesome. i wish i had some professional camera people following me around all day, enouraging me to look as extreme as possible. pretty rad.