Wednesday, August 30, 2006

We Built this City

In case you haven't noticed, this summer went by in a blur of guests, work and weekend trips here and there. Thank goodness Amy actually plans vacations in advance and thank goodness I decided to tag along with her to San Francisco. We stayed with our recently relocated friends Emily and Andy and then Linda joined us in her last free weekend before business school started. We also got to see various other friends throughout the week. San Francisco happens to be my very favorite city in the country. I always have such amazing experiences there and this weekend was certainly no exception. I don't normally consider myself a jealous person, but Emily and Andy's loft is just about as cool as a living space needs to be.
Uh hello, they have a SPIRAL STAIRCASE. So awesome that it inspired Amy to make Emily go up and down the stairs for the perfect shot
And here is the bookcase that they built and that I stared out pretty much anytime we were in the house. I love the piece itself, but I also love that it is full. Full bookshelves give me shivers.
This is the Kane's main mode of transportation. I know-live in a loft, work in San Francisco, ride a motorcyle-you are right to feel like they are cool than you. I love thrift stores for real clothes. I love them even more for wizard costumes.
Amy and Betsy model a few Andy Kane original tee-shirts. Usually you have to "earn" that red one so, good job Betsy.

One night Betsy and Emily came over for Chines food and mostly we just giggled.
Emily and me in the Anthropologie dressing room.

We met up one night with Courtney and Nate for sushi and then dessert at Tart to Tart. In case you can't tell by looking, Courtney and Nate are fantastic. They even play in a band together.
The Boston girls under one of Andy's masterpieces.
We went to Jared's 30th birthday/farewell to Karen and Jared party and I got to meet Alex and Heather's dog Milo. He is even cuter and smaller in person.
Jared treated us to some, um, dancing? Seriously, I have the worst couple crush on these two. Another Boston crew member, Dr. Lance, came over on Sunday and proceeded to get ganged up on by a room full of females as we started discussing relationships. You don't even want to know what Andy and Lance were doing in the shot before. I can't post it on a family show like this one.
We rented some bikes and rode across the Golden Gate Bridge. And no, we didn't plan to match. But having a team uniform probably shows that we were all meant to be friends. Amy explained that she always has to have a contingency plan when she is a potential dangerous situation. In this case, if the Golden Gate bridge were to collapse, Amy would wrap herself around the bars and cry.
The only photographic evidence of the coat I really should have bought. Even if I do live in a place with no cold weather..and the hot HOT shoes I couldn't quite justify. Sometimes it hits me that wow, I'm a real live grownup walking around downtown San Francisco with all these amazing friends and a really happy life and I want to hug everyone. This time I settled for just taking a picture of us being outside way past bedtime on a school night.

All in all, it was a pretty perfect vacation. Enough touristy stuff to make me feel like I wasn't at home, but plenty of great food, fantastic conversation, good shopping and just plain old meaningful hang out time with people I love. I feel blessed blessed blessed.


Whits said...

OH CRAP. Not only do I love Starship. But you just tore up that city like no one else could. And that bookshelf, that bookshelf. I'm majorly bummed I went back to Boston for that *stupid* Snow Patrol concert...hanging out with the cool kids would have been so much better. *sigh* I vow to live in SF when I grow up.

k8 said...

don't you worry, we'll do San Fran together one of these days. and then be neighbors when we both move there!

arob said...

Your post is way better than my SF post.

It was the perfect summer trip. It made me REALLY wish that we could teleport. Then I wouldn't have to wait so long to see my friends.

bex said...

sigh. next time come when i am in town, okay? i was jealous of all this and i live here!